Kolomoki Mounds State Park

The whole family had been itching to get out and go camping, in March of last year we found a good stretch of weather and headed to Kolomoki Mounds State Park near the Southwest corner of Georgia. Woodland Indian mounds are all over the park and several hiking trails scatter around them. The visitor center is built around an excavated mound which gives an interesting perspective on the archaeology of the site. We got some canoeing and fishing in while we were there also. All in all we had a great time as it was a quiet time of year.


The small campground is nice and we were able to get a great site right on the water. We all fit comfortably into our new tent without much trouble. The old tent was getting pretty well worn out and we spring for a new one. This one was smaller but still had plenty of room. We hung the hammock and mostly just lazed around the campsite for a couple of days. I say lazed but truthfully we hiked about 10 miles over both days, fished near our campsite constantly, and took two separate canoe and kayak trips. My wife as you can see in the pictures below mostly hung out in the hammock, reading a book. This was a very relaxed couple of days.

The Best Part

After a short hike we stumbled upon a great playground set that had recently been installed and we found the mini golf course that was not open. The clubs, balls, and scorecards were available at the office. The kids played several rounds of mini golf while the parents relaxed on a shady bench enjoying the show. We played around on the beach on the lake but didn’t stay in too long, the water was still plenty cool.

Calm Before The Storm

We timed the trip right as we had a very comfortable stay with mild weather. In October 2018, Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc on the park and the communities of Southeast Georgia. Several months of hard work have opened the campground, the mounds, and the visitor center. Two of the three main trails are still closed as of this writing. It is absolutely worth going at anytime even with the remaining storm damage. Campsites are site specific so pick out a good one online.

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