Museum of Aviation-Robins Air Force Base

A Free museum!

Visit the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia! This doesn’t happen very often. A totally awesome, action packed, and educational experience! Best of all, it was totally FREE! There is absolutely no charge for admission!

The museum is filled with hundreds of real aircraft on display. There are plenty of real life cockpits for the kids to climb inside and imagine themselves flying in the wild blue yonder! The artifacts, exhibits, and educational offerings are amazing for a place that doesn’t cost a dime. We could literally get nose to nose with the aircraft and the kids were encouraged by staff to touch! How often does that happen? We had an amazing time and think you will too.

About the museum

The Museum of Aviation is open everyday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., though it is closed on major holidays. You will need most of this time, as there is just so much awesomeness to see. This place was flat out inspiring!

There are three buildings and thousands of items on exhibit linked to aviation. Planes from the modern age, WW2 bombers, and several helicopters were on display. I cannot say enough about the resources offered. There are a few self guided tours and the museum engages kids by offering coloring pages and scavenger hunt handouts from their Kid Zone, on the second floor. Most of these resources can be downloaded here before you go, saving time.

The kids were able to really get up close to several of the exhibits and experience what it was like to fly the aircraft. We were lucky enough to be on site for a event that had several Air Force pilots in attendance. Our children engaged a couple of the guys standing around in their flight suits. The pilots were very friendly and answered several questions for them. This was not part of the museum, just a kindness by the servicemen. I regret not getting photos. Always be ready with a camera is what I am learning after several missed opportunities.

We did get some great fun pictures of the family exploring the place though. Check out the pictures from our adventure below.

What to know about The Museum of Aviation

  • An easy drive from Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, Warner Robins is a good size town, centrally located, just outside Macon, Georgia. Most every major restaurant chain is present here. Finding food will not be a problem.
  • Since the museum is FREE, coming and going throughout the day is not a problem. Break for lunch anytime and then come back.
  • Occasionally, there are events like a food truck rendezvous that will have food vendors in the parking lot.
  • There are several hotels nearby such as Best Western, Choice Hotels, and perhaps even consider a vacation rental.
  • Parking is also FREE!
  • Bring Water! Fill a couple of Nalgene bottles before you go. It can be quite hot in the Summer months with so many outdoor exhibits.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and DO bring a stroller for little ones as there is a good amount of standing and walking around.
  • There are several picnic tables outside the museum. Packing a lunch and eating onsite is a budget friendly option that is easy enough to do. The picnic tables were mostly shaded and comfortable.
  • There is a great gift shop with several books, magnets, and stickers.

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