F.D. Roosevelt State Park

If you are looking for an outstanding, unique outdoor experience for your family then look no farther than the dazzling heights of F.D. Roosevelt State Park.

Named after the always revered President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, F.D. Roosevelt State Park is an outdoor wonder that was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. Roosevelt had a home nearby and would often visit Pine Mountain, upon which the park sits. There is an amazing story here and a great deal of history. The CCC influence on the property is apparent in nearly every building.

Things to do at FDR State Park

This 9,000 acre state park feature 40 miles of hiking trails, including the Pine Mountain Trail, which winds up and over Pine Mountain for 23 miles. It is a well known backpacking destination and fun for the whole family. The park is located 80 miles Southwest of Atlanta and 35 miles Northeast of Columbus, Georgia. The hills of the area give you a sense of irony. Despite being in South Georgia, you would think you are in the Appalachian Foothills. The park has over 120 campsites and 16 back-country campsites. 21 Cabins sit along the crest of the mountain and offer some amazing views. Here are some pictures of the cabin we stayed in.

One of the unique and lasting experiences at FDR State Park is the Liberty Bell Pool. This spring fed swimming pool was built by the very same CCC boys who developed the rest of the site. It is aptly named due to it’s bell shape. The water is nice and cool in the hot months of Summer. Our kids had a blast! Kids + Water is always a good recipe for fun.

Liberty Bell Pool-FDR State Park

Amazing views off Pine Mountain

Along the scenic drive up Pine Mountain at FDR is a really neat picnicking area called Dowdell’s Knob. Apparently, FDR himself would drive his custom built vehicle to this point for relaxation and the occasional picnic. There is a life-size statue of the President, which is great for taking fun pictures. The view off the mountain from here is breathtaking. Our family spent a couple of hours just goofing around here. We truly had an amazing day exploring F.D. Roosevelt State Park.

Thing to know about F.D. Roosevelt!

  • FDR had a home at the base of Pine Mountain in Warm Springs, called The Little White House. The natural springs of the area were said to be good for FDR’s polio. This is the home where FDR passed away while vacationing during World War 2. The home is now a historic site and visitors to this area can tour the property. Make it a part of your trip!
  • Eat at The Whistling Pig BBQ joint! It is delicious and within an easy drive of the park. It is good ole bbq and sweet tea, but our family enjoyed it immensely.
  • FDR requires a parking pass for every vehicle. Avoid paying the fee and make this park a FREE visit then check out a park pass from your local library! Georgia residents only.
  • The park pass does not cover admission to the Liberty Bell Pool.
  • Horseback riding was available when we visited but check with the park office as it is a seasonal concession and may not be available on certain dates.
  • Fall can be a little bit delayed in South Georgia, making early November a perfect time to visit the park.
  • Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddle Boats are available for rent.
  • Last of all, our favorite place on F.D. Roosevelt. Click here for a 360 degree view from Dowdell’s Knob. It’s a great spot to take in the sunset!

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