Why Our Family Travels…and Yours Should Too!

I find nothing more enjoyable as a parent than seeing my child light up as they come upon a new discovery! Traveling to unique and exciting places provides that moment in abundance. I love seeing it! Our family travels are the key to so many great memories.

Georgia Family Adventures-High Falls State Park

There is a whole wide world to explore and kids grow fast! Before you know it, they will be off chasing and building the lives we encourage them to dream of.

Alas, I pray that the adventures we take over these few years will give them an eternal sense of wonder, the confidence to endeavor, and the experiences that open a myriad of possibilities to them.

Georgia Family Adventures-Walasi-Yi at Neel's Gap

Sharing it with someone

Standing out there alone, looking at the most beautiful natural wonder you have ever seen, will never compare to having someone you care about with you while you do it.

For instance, when you explore something amazing, having it all to yourself, surely will be a wondrous experience. However, the very next thing a person in the modern age is going to do is take a picture or a video. We send our friends and family a text or we post it on facebook, instagram, twitter, or pin it to pinterest. At the very least, we tell someone about it the very first chance we get. It’s what we do as human beings.

Hemlock Falls-Moccasin Creek State Park

A person becomes inspired and cannot help but offer it to someone else. It is among the many reasons I write about our family travels. I want to share our experiences and pass on the inspiration to others. So let’s bring someone along for our journey. It just means more this way.

I can think of no one I would rather share an epic journey with than my wife and children. I want as many amazing memories and beautiful moments as I can get with them. Every parent, I am sure, feels this way. We are investing in our family by traveling and we hope that you will find value in your own family travels.

Growth Through Experience

My wife and I take our family on a new adventure every time we can merge the budget, the time away from work, and the slightest willingness of the kids to drop the video games and go see something tangible. We firmly believe in giving our children as many healthy experiences are possible. We plan our family travels, mostly for the good times but there is always a lesson to be learned along the way.

I do not mean only positive experiences. My children need to see adversity once in awhile and the bond is strengthened through those moments. We feel that it is good for kids to be along for the ride when a tire blows out, or a traffic jam occurs, or maybe they learn how to roll with it when a reservation is lost. The world is not perfect, even when you are on vacation.

A life of limited experience will always be limited. When I take my children to an aquarium, has my daughter not been opened to the idea of being a marine biologist someday? Visiting a state or national park and seeing the career of a park ranger up close, could that career be open to them? Meeting a native american craftsman, do they not gain a small appreciation for their art and culture? When visiting an aviation museum, do my children not imagine themselves becoming a pilot someday? I believe these things will build my children and their character. In our travels, our kids have been exposed to so many things and they have expanded their horizons. The light they shine on the rest of the world is broader for it. Their own possibilities are amplified several times over.

For A Limited Time Only

Your children are only in your home so long. When they are small, it seems as if they will be that way forever. However, I can assure you, children grow. My eldest child is 14 now. This means I only have four more years to spend with him. I only have four more years to grow the memories. Four years until the page on that chapter is turned. Once he goes off to college or some other path, he will be building his own life on his own terms and schedule.

I want him to be ready and comfortable with new experiences, ideas, cultures, and whatever life can throw at him. While there are many things that we have tackled as parents, our travels are where he has learned the most about life.

Georgia Family Adventures at Tybee Island, Georgia.

Do not put it off! Please, do not envision a perfect age for which to travel with children. There is no such thing. Strap them to you and go if need be. Drag them kicking and screaming if you must, but just go somewhere. No one ever told me that it would be easy and sometimes it isn’t. Water bottles, jackets, and shoes will get forgotten and lost. Gas runs out before you can make it to the next station. Kids get cranky and just want out of their car seat.

Georgia Family Adventures at Fort Clinch State Park

All this will happen, but it is the moments in between that bind a family together. The one great picture you took, out of one hundred. The stories you tell each other when you look back on the worst moments. For example, a sudden rainstorm on a camping trip, that soaked everything we owned. That is what you are looking for. A life is what you build when you seek something beyond existence.

Family Travel Adventure

Let’s face it, money does not grow on trees. Most of us, have a limited travel budget. I could write about tips on saving money but I will simply say travel where you can. Though I dream of traveling to Japan, Australia, Germany, and Bali, it just isn’t in the finances. Travel with your family and keep it simple.

Museum of Aviation-Warner Robins

We keep it basic by making lots of day trips to museums, state parks, the occasional national park, zoos, and going camping. When visiting family we dig up whatever travel experience we can find along the way. We save money where we can throughout the year so that we can wander the country in the future. Sometimes we spend as necessary and other times we skimp. Visiting local attractions around your state does not need to break the bank. Find a trail and hike it. Be with your family and explore every corner of the world you can reach.

Parting Thoughts

Life at home can be great, but there are so many distractions. It is good to walk away from the tv, the ipads, the video games, the responsibilities, and the appointments. It is okay to put all that stuff is put on hold. Don’t worry! It will be there when you get back. Let the lawn grow a little long and spend this weekend going somewhere. Leave a load of laundry unfolded. Skip tee-ball or soccer practice when they are little. Travel with your family before you wake up one day and realize you missed it. Chase the sun. Take your family and aim for the horizon!

Best Family Travel Quote. Georgia Family Adventures.

I do not believe I will leave this world having seen enough of it. -Cass-

There is no experience that has convinced me more of God’s existence greater than being immersed in his creation. -Cass-

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