Providence Canyon State Park

Glorious adventures and awe inspiring canyons await you at Providence Canyon State Park! The slot canyons of the West are no doubt beautiful however, Georgia has it’s own very special offering in that regard. Providence Canyon is an excellent state park for a day hike, taking a long trail run, or camping in the backcountry! The experience here is worthy of a great day out for your family. We have visited this great place twice in the last couple of years and love it!

Hiking at Providence Canyon State Park

There are just over ten miles of hiking trails at Providence Canyon State Park to explore! The Canyon Loop Trail is the first path you access from the visitor center. It gently drops down into the canyon floor from the rim and you can choose from 9 different canyons to explore. This trail provides a comfortable and scenic first hand view of the red and orange colored canyon walls. The Canyon Loop Trail is about two and a half miles long and will take at least a couple of hours to complete. The canyon floor is often very wet if there has been recent rain, but the soil on the main trail is hard packed and it makes for an interesting hike.

Providence Canyon State Park
Canyon Floor at Providence Canyon State Park

Additionally, there is the Backcountry Trail. This trail is a 7 mile loop that leads to several backcountry campsites and a prolonged experience. The terrain goes from rolling gentle hills and flat canyon bottoms to steep climbs. It is a great hike for adventurous families and groups willing to take the challenging terrain. The Backcountry Trail will give you lots of views and experiences in the outdoors but is definitely a different experience compared to the Canyon Loop Trail. Both trails were worthy and provided our family some great adventure!

Providence Canyon State Park
Winter at Providence Canyon State Park

Camping at Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon State Park is a little different than most state parks in Georgia. There are no cabins here and there is not an RV accessible campground. For those amenities you will need to head over to Florence Marina State Park, about 10 miles away. However, there are six backcountry campsites that provide a great backpacking experience for the whole family! Each site offers plenty of space to spread out and relax. Firewood can be collected from dead limbs and twigs on the ground, of which there is plenty laying around. You will need to bring your water to the site as the creeks and streams are not reliable sources.

In addition to this there are 3 pioneer camping sites, which have 3 sided adirondack style shelters. These shelters have a roof and allow you to leave your tent behind. You simply lay out your sleeping mat and sleeping bag and rest, just like shelters along the Appalachian Trail. The pioneer sites are also equipped with a picnic table and fire pit.

Providence Canyon State Park

Visit for just a day!

Providence Canyon has a lot of kid friendly activities available and makes a great day trip. The park is commonly used as a simple day trip destination. There are two picnic shelters on the North Rim for family events and gatherings, a playground for the kids, and several tables to stop and eat a snack. The newly renovated visitor center is stocked with souvenirs, bug spray, and a variety of trinkets.

Things to know before visiting!

9 thoughts on “Providence Canyon State Park

    1. This gorgeous state park is actually in the Southwestern corner of Georgia. The gold mines were found in the North Georgia mountains. Thanks for the comment.


  1. Look at those red and orange color in the canyon. So pretty! I like finding local treasure like this. Nobody knows unless you write about it. At least for out of state people like me. We like visiting our own state parks, too. Do you have to pay to get in to the park? We do here in Texas but we didn’t have to pay when we were in PA.


    1. Georgia State Parks require a $5 fee per vehicle, that is all it costs to visit. Camping fees are additional, of course. Thanks for the comment.


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