Legoland Florida on a Budget

Whenever I ask my kids where they may want to travel to next, the answer has always been Legoland Florida!

We have a houseful of Legomaniacs and if your children are like mine, you are going to have to make at least one trip to this amazing, family friendly, over the top destination!

Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida is about a five hour trip from our home. My wife and I didn’t tell the kids where we were going until we were turning into the parking lot! We pulled off the surprise of a lifetime and had the most incredible day!

Georgia Family Adventures

I admit, at the end of the day, when we were driving back to our hotel, I mentally had a fist pump moment. The dream came true for my kids that day!

Legoland Florida on a Budget!

It can be tremendously simple to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to any destination in Orlando. Disney, Universal Studios, and the surrounding attractions have mastered the techniques of separating people from their money. I get it. Quality entertainment is valuable but we have a large family and have found that the more expensive something is, the less fun we seem to have. Legoland Florida is an exception to the that rule but we did save where we could.


You can find deals everywhere for Legoland tickets. Lego Magazine has coupons for Buy One, Get One Free Admission. There are youtube videos and literally hundreds of blog posts that tell you how to get the best ticket prices and promotional discounts. I was easily able to find discounted ticket prices. However, you may have to fork over a fair amount of money for your trip. Finally, I can tell you that we had a lot of fun and are already planning a trip for later this year, so it is totally worth it!

Homeschool Tickets

We homeschool our children and Legoland offers special weekday prices on specific dates for families like ours. Essentially, we got in on a Tuesday for half the cost it would have been if we came on a Friday or Saturday.

Currently, for homeschoolers, 1 day Legoland tickets for kids are $14.50 and Adult admission is $29. You must book in advance on specified dates and you will need to submit proof of homeschooling. Our family got in the park for $116 dollars. As such, the normal admission price is $84.99 per person, so you can see how we saved. The park has tremendous discount opportunities if you dig deep enough and combine deals. Save money where you can!


Legoland has numerous overnight accommodations to choose from. Each of them look amazing and fun!

The Legoland Hotel is literally right next to the front gate to the park. They have themed rooms and several awesome activities for the kids. In addition, staying here also gets you into the park about an hour before the general admission crowds are allowed in. These rooms are pricey but come with the aforementioned perks and if you don’t mind spending the money this is an ideal way to go.

There are also the bungalows at the Legoland Beach Resort for a larger than average family and for perhaps extended visits to Legoland. Next, there is the newest lodging on site, the Legoland Pirate Island Hotel. Just opened!

Additionally, Legoland partners with several condos and vacation rental properties around the Lakeland area. Legoland does offer several ticket and lodging packages that could prove convenient for your family’s needs.

We chose to stay off property at the Holiday Inn Express-Lake Wells and saved a ton of money. This trip was kind of last minute so we hadn’t exactly been stashing cash for this adventure.

Rides, Attractions, and Food

The kids had a lot of fun riding the small roller coasters and various rides. We got soaking wet on the Aquazone Wave Racers ride. The ride is basically an unpowered boat with water cannons you can aim, water explosions that get you wet, and the folks waiting in line and around the outside edge of the river course can squirt you from their own cannons! If you get on this ride be prepared to get wet and just go with it. The water ski shows were a lot of fun to watch and the kids had a great time watching the stunts.

The food options are aplenty in the park and they are literally everywhere. We ate a big breakfast at the hotel and planned to eat a large meal after we left the park that evening. That turned into ordering pizza in our room, after a long but fun day! The kids were happy!

Legoland allows you to bring soft sided coolers and snacks into the park with you. This is the option we chose and basically packed some Pringles, sandwiches, and fruit snacks in each of the kids’ backpacks. We did spend money on bottled water so that the kids would not have to carry the weight all day and we followed some recommendations and tried some of Granny’s Apple Fries. They were a unique, tasty treat and a fine suggestion.

All in all we did the whole trip for less than $350 and really didn’t feel like we missed out on anything except the water park, which we will visit another time. The crowds were very manageable during the weekday. You have gotta check it out!

Things to Know about Legoland-Florida

  • The water park is open from early March til late October.
  • There is an additional fee of $23 for the homeschool deal to access the water park on those dates.
  • Strollers, towels, soft sided coolers, umbrellas, and light food items are allowed to be brought inside the park.
  • Legoland has free wifi throughout the park. Save your data!
  • Chairs and hard sided coolers are prohibited!
  • There are several restaurants conveniently located near Legoland.
  • Bags carried into the park will be searched.
  • Granny’s Apple Fries were delicious!
  • Bring some mini figures. Park employees wear them on their shirts and are required to trade with the kids. If your child has a mini figure to trade, the park employees seem very eager and really get into it!
  • Lego sets are available for purchase in the park. I recommend findin one you like and going online when you get home. Seriously marked up prices in the park!

More budget saving ideas…

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