About us

Georgia Family Adventures is a blog dedicated to sharing our family travels across the state of Georgia and the surrounding states. My name is Cass. I am the father of four children, currently ages 13 through 8 years old. I am also the husband of Melanie, a stay at home mom, who also homeschools the kids. I love to travel and I enjoy writing about it just as much. I do the writing while Melanie contributes big ideas and some editing, all while reminding me of the budget and how to be practical when dreaming up these adventures.

I am a former park ranger of 6 years and I have traveled extensively. I have visited several countries such as Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Melanie has visited France and Monaco. Not terribly exotic but we can still work on that. I have section hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Virginia and continue to gaze Northward. We have lived in several cities in Georgia over the last ten years, which has given us several unique perspectives on the Peach State and the Southeastern US. Originally from the Midwest, we offer insight into that region too.

We partner with several affiliate sites and as such, if you click into our products and buy any item, without leaving the site, then I make a small commission. There is no additional cost to you. The information on this site is free, patronage is not required. I generally will only feature items that I have used or plan to buy myself. The funds generated from that venture will simply lead to more travels and adventures to write about. Our day trips, weekend getaways, and amazing destinations are all self financed. We only seek to explore and share. May one of our experiences, found on Georgia Family Adventures, inspire your next epic trip.

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